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Some time in the Late 19th century prospectors in the region found this site and began work mining.

By 1903 a considerable amount of effort had been made searching for valuable minerals. A survey was conducted, a bunkhouse was constructed, and several tunnels were dug into the ground. The land was then patented converting it into private land.

In 1944 William Johnson purchased the land and it has remained in the family to this day.

In 1962 a request was made to Frank Johnson by the USFS to build a road through the property for a timber sale. His response was, "We felt it did not warrant it as it is a much too beautiful area to mar and there is not enough timber up the valley for a road and if this was a route for a road to the head of Lake Chelan, we wanted to hold this as an obstacle to stop it."

In 1984 the Lake Chelan Sawtooth Wilderness was established and the land became a Wilderness Inholding.

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